Bapanxia Tourist Resort In Lanzhou, China

Bapanxia Tourist Resort is located in the Bapanxia Reservoir, the most western end of upstream of Yellow River, Lanzhou City. There are majestic power station dam, beautiful factory plant, and broad reservoir water surface. Generators are roaring inside of factories, while out of plant, shade trees are here and there, flowers are blooming, the birds are twittering and picturesque appears.

Since the vast reservoir water surface in Bapanxia and the beautiful and environmental conditions, the confluence area of Yellow River and Huangshui River is unique and very suitable for water sports and entertainment. The ship which could accommodate 100 people on board cruise is the largest and most luxurious cruise in Lanzhou. If you seat in the decorated cabin and enjoy the elegant tea, or board to the second floor to overlook the total view, it must be relaxing and happy.

If you want to experience the wind blowing on your face, you could take a yacht. The high-speed boat flashes across the reservoir water surface and you may enjoy the thrill of super speed.

Aside the reservoir area of 50 acres of orchards in the bank is already full of branches of fruits. You could relax yourself by lying on the gravel road, or sit aside the stone table under a tree and chat with friends to enjoy the rare cool in hot summer.

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